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L'Association Canada Colorado

Upcoming events

2014 Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

October 12, 2014 saw a record number of guests attend the traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner at Pinehurst Country Club. Host Brock West had done his usual terrific job of organizing the event and Garth and Betty Wilson helped with the checking-in process. 131 adults, 14 pre-teens and 11 children enjoyed turkey, ham, stuffing and all the trimmings – including desserts. The evening began with an hour for social networking. After the meal, participants were invited to introduce their family and friends to the group. Canadian Consul General, Marcy Grossman and husband, Michael Kofsky were welcome participants. It was a fun evening for all.


Molly Kemble (center) with friends Sage Chapin (left) and Megan Murray

Long-time attendees at most CCA events - Mary and Tom Morton

Sal and Nancy Birritteri with family

Fran and Al Troppmann with Roseanne and Hans Schulze

Gerri Brownlee, Larry and Nancy McDonald

Dan Taylor and Alexandra Whitman with their children

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